Being considerate

I have a elderly companion that I see on a daily basis and she’s in one of these assisted living facilities, and you know it use to be mind boggling how the generation of females (I call them females because to me they have no concept of how to behave like a woman) that’s employed there have no concept of being considerate to their elders. I’ve told a couple of them several times not to be so rough but it’s like it goes in one ear, and out the other as soon as I leave, because when I return the next day they are right back at what I asked them not to do. How hard can it be to put someone’s teeth and hearing aids in? .I’m not understanding that either, I  mean wouldn’t you want your teeth in so you can chew your food?, of course we would, and wouldn’t you want your hearing aids in so you can hear what’s going on?, of course you would but there ,they just don’t get it. Shaking my head (smh).


The affect of Alzheimers

Have you experienced a relative with Alzheimers? My dad passed away due to complications from pneumonia. He lived with the Alzheimers disease for 8 years after being diagnosed. It was hard to watch the progression of the disease,  I recall a couple of times when he got lost (thank you amber alert), we’d find him at least 5 miles from where he lived so we had to move him. At first we thought of a nursing facility that had a Memory Care Unit but we knew our father who use to be a professional boxer and we just couldn’t see putting him behind locked doors.

I was told by a young lady whom hasn’t been in the nursing field long that these residents get what they pay for. I was pissed about that comment first of all, so I asked the young lady, do you know how much they pay to live here? Her answer was No, and I said $5000-7000 a month, now how long would it take you to make that amount of money and she replied after thinking about it, 6-8 months. I said now since it takes you that long to make the kind of money that they spend a month you should never let that comment come out of your mouth again,  now because this company is not paying YOU much doesn’t mean that you should give anything but your best. When taking these kind of jobs you have to first do it with a feeling because if you don’t you will burn yourself out and then you’ll become a bitter Healthcare worker.

The generation today knows nothing about taking care of an older adult,  knows nothing about Dementia, Alzheimers or what it feels like to grow old because some of them haven’t taken time to learn and understand the brain or the mind, they are in it for the money.  Me,  I’ve been in the Healthcare field for 34 years and I’ve seen it all but I’ve learned a lot of what not to do along the way.